What’s a Dosha Anyway?


What do Dr. Oz, Oprah and Dr. Mercola have in common?

They are all discovering Ayurveda.

Why you shouldn’t listen to them?

They talk to large audiences and can’t begin to describe specific issues or individualize Ayurveda the way it is meant to be.

Who should you listen to about Ayurveda?

Yourself!  Ayurveda is the science of the self and life.  Learn about how special your body is and what you can do to manage your health and lifestyle in a sustainable organic way.  No doctorate needed, just common sense.

Discover what Ayurveda is, what a dosha is and what […]

5 things you should know about intuition overload

intuition overload

If you are a woman between the ages of 44 and 66 you have probably experienced or are experiencing intuition overload.  Intuition overload is a commonly occurring ailment for many people. Few people discuss it and most people ignore it.  Intuition overload can cause very real symptoms and exacerbate many chronic issues.  Intuition overload can be a result of  abuse, childhood roles, environmental conditioning or even the change of earth vibrations. Intuition overload is very real.

These are the 5 things you should know about intuition overload.

1. Chronic disease can create the condition of […]

Your body is not a machine; your doctor is not a mechanic


As the health-care debate or as I call it “disease-care” continues to rage in America, infecting and offending people in Canada and England through lies and mis-information. I’d like to offer some useful information to help our readers discern what good health care is about.

Health-care does not mean that every imbalance requires an MRI, expensive medications and surgery.  Conversly banishing all invasive procedures, medications and all physicians as some in the alternative health care field would have you believe isn’t the solution either. Holistic health-care does not mean that you become a Luddite, a tree hugger or rely solely […]

Disease-care in America

disease care in America

I’ve been watching the circus surrounding the health-care debate and thought to put my in my two cents. First things first, we are not having a discussion about health-care in America, we are having a discussion about disease-care.

If you want health-care, the question is how empowered are you to take matters in to your own hands? The issue is health-care, not insurance, not bottom line, not how much it costs to have procedures done to you once you’ve gotten ill or had an accident.

What kind of insurance policy to you have in life to promote your own health-care?


Intuitive Eating

intuitive eating

I’ve been a carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, flex-arian, you name it, I’ve been it.  Today I would say that I am an intuitive eater.  It’s not that I’ve failed at maintaining any specific sort of diet its just that when I first changed the diet  I inherited from my family, I chose to eat healthy.  Meaning, my body’s health was the first criteria for the type of food I put into it.  At that time, I had alot of cleansing to do, I became a vegan.  I cut out all sugar, caffeine, dairy, meat, and alcohol in one day.  […]

Parasites, Vampires and Symbiotes – It’s not about Sci Fi

vampire kiss

Many of my clients have been compromised physically, mentally and emotionally by coming into contact with parasites, vampires and symbiotes.  The impact of the contact can be devastating.  We are all too familiar with the physical diseases they cause, Lyme’s, Viruses and various digestive diseases, to name a few, but also in the esoteric sense.  During a Medical Intuitive session, we work with the various lifestyle changes, nutrition, specific therapies, energy medicine  and finding the origination point which sets up the conditions for the vampiric, parasitic or symbiotic contact.

Let’s define each separately an then explore them from their symbolic […]

Pranic Energy – Universal Life Force

Photo/Illustration by Egoten

I was asked a question about Prana for my newsletter and realized it is a great subject and often not discussed unless you roam around people who do yoga.  Even then, yogis usually talk about it in terms of breath and techniques.  The newsletter has some detail of how to enhance the receiving of Prana in your life.

A healthy living person is filled with Prana, Qi or Universal Life force. Prana penetrates every aspect of life, it is in every physical system, from your digestive system to circulatory system, skeletal, muscular and nervous system. Prana goes to every part […]

Laughter – a Medical Intuitive Perspective

Photo by Jo Jakeman

Photo by Jo Jakeman

When was the last time you laughed so hard you could hardly catch your breath? Generating laughter is one of the best things you can do for yourself and others.

Studies have shown that laughter can do wonderful things for you.  Laughter creates movement in your energy body as well.  Laughter is mostly energetic, which is why it is so contagious.

The body has three barriers to the outside world, each of which are opportunities to defend itself from negative forces or incorporate positive forces.

The first layer is the aura, the second […]

Five possibilities for not manifesting what you want

Medical Intuition and healing often looks at how disease forms in the body.  The origins of the word, disease, in Middle English is the sense or lack of ease; inconvenience. Frustration in manifesting what you want in your life can certainly bring about the sense of not feeling at ease.

Manifestation is often thought of as manifesting items in our world but we also manifest our bodies, health, relationships and all that we see.

Last week I received a question about manifestation which I am happy to answer here.

I was looking at your Map of Manifestation. When people get […]

Tune in to Truly Alive with Sheila Ulrich Blog Talk Radio

Photo by Aloshbennet

June 17th 1pm EST

“Heal and be whole in Body Mind and Spirit” A message for you from God! Alone and desperate to heal from stage 4 melanoma the grace of God poured through me with this message. I wanted to live for my three small children. I would do anything to receive the wisdom to live. This wisdom is a gift to be shared by all of us. Together we can heal no matter where we are in our life cycle. Listen to our experts as we lead you on a journey of healing ALL […]

To Read or Not to Read… A Medical Intuitive Perspective

Photo by Babasteve

There is something to the current thinking about removing negative vibrations from your environment.  Think positively and speak positively is the mantra of the day.  Remove any source of information that you find negative.

This kind of thinking has some gurus telling people to not listen to the news as it is negative.  Many people have told me they don’t listen to the news because it is so negative.  They get the news they need to hear anyway.

Yesterday I read a little online article in the Wall Street Journal about a Buddhist Monk who is […]

Make Informed Holistic Food Choices

Living a healthy life is dependent upon what you put into your body as well as what you think about the food you put in your body.  Financial worries can cause indigestion and dis-ease. Eliminate the stress of choosing between healthy food and finances by becoming informed.

Many people are choosing to be frugal yet still want the benefits of organic foods.  The Environmental Working Group has been monitoring food and has been putting out this report since 2000.  The Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides features the fruits and veggies with the most and least pesticides.  The updated lists helps you […]

Pet’s fear of thunder disappears with energy medicine

Sometimes we know exactly what our pets need and other times we just don’t have enough information. If breaks our hearts when our pet is in need and we just can’t find a good solution to help them. I live in Florida where we get some pretty big storms, both my cat and dog tell me that one is about to happen and they make sure to have a paw, tail or head touching me during the storm. I think its their way of saying… “Mom send me some healing energy.” Thank you Lisa for sharing your story. Ubu is […]

Facing Cancer – A Medical Intuitive Perspective

Wendy was a woman who lived on her own in Queens, NY  She lived a very simple life.  She had a few close friends and a daughter who was distant.  Wendy’s job was not too stressful. She could go to work and come home and do her crafts and take care of her home.  Wendy lived a simple life.  When I first met Wendy, she never complained.  Wendy was satisfied with her life.  No major dramas in her life and she liked it that way.

When Wendy was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer or adenocarcinoma, she was told that […]

Second Hand Smoke connected to low level anti-oxidants in kids

BALTIMORE, May 5, 2009 (UPI via COMTEX) — Children exposed to cigarette smoke have lower levels of anti-oxidants, which help the body defend against biological stresses, U.S. researchers said.

Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York looked at the levels of anti-oxidants vs. the amount of smoke exposure in more than 2,000 children and teens ages 6 and 18 in the 2003-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

The study, presented at the Pediatric Academic Society Meeting in Baltimore, showed that secondhand smoke exposure is associated with lower levels of anti-oxidants in children.

“We don’t know […]

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