Intuitive Eating

intuitive eating

I’ve been a carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, flex-arian, you name it, I’ve been it.  Today I would say that I am an intuitive eater.  It’s not that I’ve failed at maintaining any specific sort of diet its just that when I first changed the diet  I inherited from my family, I chose to eat healthy.  Meaning, my body’s health was the first criteria for the type of food I put into it.  At that time, I had alot of cleansing to do, I became a vegan.  I cut out all sugar, caffeine, dairy, meat, and alcohol in one day.  […]

To Read or Not to Read… A Medical Intuitive Perspective

Photo by Babasteve

There is something to the current thinking about removing negative vibrations from your environment.  Think positively and speak positively is the mantra of the day.  Remove any source of information that you find negative.

This kind of thinking has some gurus telling people to not listen to the news as it is negative.  Many people have told me they don’t listen to the news because it is so negative.  They get the news they need to hear anyway.

Yesterday I read a little online article in the Wall Street Journal about a Buddhist Monk who is […]

Premonitions – Making Money with the Mind – Guest Post Larry Dossey

(Reprinted from Huffington Post)

“If people have the ability to sense the future, why aren’t they rich?” This is one of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked by readers of my book The Power of Premonitions. The fact is, some are very rich, and they attribute their wealth in part to their ability to sense the future. As Bill Gates says, “Sometimes, you have to rely on intuition.” Or as Oprah states, “My business skills have come from being guided by my inner self — my intuition.” And as Donald Trump admits, “I’ve built a multi-billion empire by using […]

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