Facing Cancer – A Medical Intuitive Perspective

Wendy was a woman who lived on her own in Queens, NY  She lived a very simple life.  She had a few close friends and a daughter who was distant.  Wendy’s job was not too stressful. She could go to work and come home and do her crafts and take care of her home.  Wendy lived a simple life.  When I first met Wendy, she never complained.  Wendy was satisfied with her life.  No major dramas in her life and she liked it that way.

When Wendy was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer or adenocarcinoma, she was told that she had six months to live.  Wendy didn’t notice the changes in her body or additional pain, because she had become used to her body being in pain.  She couldn’t remember a day without pain since she was in her early 20’s.  Wendy had some undiagnosable pain, which today there would be more exploration of her possibly have other chronic diseases like fibromyalgia.

alaskarainbowWendy confided in her good friend Carol, a nurse who was exploring energy healing and was experienced in alternative/herbal therapies.  This was at a time when I was completely untested as a healer.  I had only worked with people who had some pain. Carol had met me at a crystal healing class, where we teamed up in groups of 4 channeling healing energy of crystals to assist people in their healing.

When I first met Wendy she was bright and full of cheer.  She had accepted her physician’s diagnosis and treatment.  She decided would receive chemotherapy treatments and she was open to other ways of healing.  The only thing Wendy was sad about was losing her hair.  She knew that she was going to lose her hair from the chemotherapy treatments.

Wendy agreed to see us twice a week.  Carol suggested that Wendy start taking an herbal remedy called ESSIAC TEA to help detoxify the effects of the chemotherapy.  The first time we met with Wendy as a group to do healing, the effects where immediately noticeable.  Wendy was tired and not her usual bright self.  One of the most shocking things about Wendy was that she had lost her hair within two weeks of beginning chemotherapy.  This was Wendy’s first lesson about the power of the mind.  She had convinced herself that she would lose her hair and she did with amazing rapidity.

Week in and week out we visited Wendy in her apartment spending anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours with her in session.  Some days were good others not so good.  Slowly Wendy’s life story came out and we began to see the emotional components of Wendy’s cancer.

I now know through my studies and observations as a medical intuitive that each type of cancer has a specific mental and emotional component.  At the time I was only concerned with healing the physical body and if the emotional, mental and spiritual components were attended to that was a bonus.

Wendy’s started talking about her issues at work and how she couldn’t stomach the people she worked with.  She revealed that she didn’t like the person her daughter had become and that there was a great gulf between them.   Eventually underneath the calm loving exterior, Wendy began to reveal emotions of resentment, pain, jealousy that she never admitted to herself.  She also revealed dreams that she had of things she wanted to do in her life and the relationship she wanted to have with the only living member of her family, her daughter.

We began to outline a plan for Wendy of how to change the relationships she had in her life.   We started with the least scary to most scary.  Healing her relationship with her daughter was the scariest thing she faced.  She even admitted that it was scarier to her than facing her cancer and possible death.  Slowly Wendy started confronting her co-workers.  She forgave those she needed to forgive and place boundaries around others.  With each person she completed her unfinished business with Wendy seemed to get stronger.  Finally she was ready to deal with her daughter.  Wendy started believing that it was a matter of life or death that she forgive her daughter and get on good speaking terms with her.  In one swift move Wendy accomplished this.  She said this was the scariest thing she had ever done in her life.  Somehow she was able to forgive her daughter and renewed a close relationship with her.

With each step Wendy got stronger and stronger, there was a glow to her skin, no more pale skin.  Wendy had more energy and she began to dream of the things she would do when the chemotherapy was done and she was healed.  Wendy felt like she was healed, she no longer wanted us to come to her home twice a week, she wanted us once a week and then reduced to every other week.  After three months, Wendy went to the oncologist, when she was tested for the cancer again.  Wendy was called into the office for the results.  Her oncologist told her the news.  Actually he apologized, he was sorry but apparently Wendy had been mis-diagnosed as they did not find any cancer, he said.  Wendy was ecstatic, and at the same time she was angry at her doctor, because just like any good patient, Wendy had undergone several tests when she received her diagnosis and had gotten several opinions.  Her Doctor simply refused to believe that the work she had done with her herbs, diet changes, and inner work.  He preferred to believe that she never had cancer in the first place.  But Wendy knew better, then left on her dreamtrip to Alaska.


6 comments to Facing Cancer – A Medical Intuitive Perspective

  • Thanks Mirit,

    I loved your sharing and caring story of Wendy.

    May many others be moved to consider change and to honor the good in all and learn
    not only to digest negative emotions, but to understand their possible outcome.

    First of all is love of self, with that comes love of others.
    All is given unconditionally and as if it had already happened.

    We are blissed to have so many caring, sharing supporters to help us view the value
    of this message, to follow the true path of life and to honor our highest good through cleansing mind, body and soul.

    Leeann Cruz……

  • admin

    Thank you Leann for your kind comment and your prayer that many others be moved to consider change & honor the good in all. Sometimes a hardship comes to us, so we can grow and love more.


  • Thank you for sharing this story. I am a healing facilitator myself and I have learned that with cancer, there are many energetic blockages and it usually originates from suppressed anger, bitterness, or holding a grudge against someone (also self-hatred). This case shows that; she couldn’t stomach her coworkers, her resentment and the mother-daughter rift.

    Its great to see others do such a great work and be so passionate about it. My highest blessing and best wishes to you.

    Much love,

    Gustavo Castañer

  • What an awesome story!! Thank you for sharing it.
    I would love to share it on my blog http://sheilaulrich.com/blog

    I too am a stage 4 melanoma survivor, who did the work at all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual to live and create my best life now.

    Powerful story, keep sharing.

    with Gratitude,
    Sheila Ulrich

  • Excellent article. I loved it, loved it, loved it. As a healing practitioner, I honor your work. Many blessings to you and all you touch. Harriette

  • An amazing story of the power of the mind to heal. Are there any stories about people with HIV who have healed from it?

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