Pet’s fear of thunder disappears with energy medicine

ubu-and-lisaSometimes we know exactly what our pets need and other times we just don’t have enough information. If breaks our hearts when our pet is in need and we just can’t find a good solution to help them. I live in Florida where we get some pretty big storms, both my cat and dog tell me that one is about to happen and they make sure to have a paw, tail or head touching me during the storm. I think its their way of saying… “Mom send me some healing energy.” Thank you Lisa for sharing your story. Ubu is my beloved 15 year old rescued yellow lab. Since we adopted him 12 years ago he has exhibited many fears: tall people, long sticks, loud noises. Ubu, like many other dogs, is terrified of thunderstorms. During storms he goes into the closet, his hideout, and begins drooling, hyperventilating and crying. I have slept many nights in the closet trying to calm him down. The experience has been so taxing that we have tried everything including veterinary prescribed drugs. While the drugs seemed to work, he would get very lethargic, so we stopped them. Recently, as I was Twittering about my experience with Ubu during a storm, my Twitter friend Medical Intuitive Mirit Turley recommended Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is a natural stress relief formula for humans, but safe for pets. It became the answer to the problem, I put a few drops in his water before the storm arrives and he is able to handle the storm with no side effects, no hyperventilating, no crying, and better yet, no sleeping in the closet for me. He recently slept through a storm and his snoring was actually competing with the thunder. I am grateful for my Twitter friend and for Rescue Remedy.

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