Pranic Energy – Universal Life Force

Photo/Illustration by EgotenI was asked a question about Prana for my newsletter and realized it is a great subject and often not discussed unless you roam around people who do yoga.  Even then, yogis usually talk about it in terms of breath and techniques.  The newsletter has some detail of how to enhance the receiving of Prana in your life.

A healthy living person is filled with Prana, Qi or Universal Life force. Prana penetrates every aspect of life, it is in every physical system, from your digestive system to circulatory system, skeletal, muscular and nervous system. Prana goes to every part of your body, enriching it and keeping it strong and healthy. Prana does the work of repairing, maintaining and growing the body. Prana not only powers the physical processes but the creative processes as well. All these functions are done under the direction of the Mind. Much of the direction is unconscious, for instance you don’t remind your heart to continue beating or direct the body to manage the many hormonal functions always at work in your body.

The Mind regulates the distribution, gathering and storage of Prana. The Mind gives as much possible Prana to whatever part of the body needs it. It does not does not hold back any Prana. The Mind will direct all of its stored Prana to any area that needs it if in crisis.

Prana is not something that is created. Prana is everywhere. We gather Prana to us.  Prana is stored in the Solar Plexus or the third Chakra.  If I had you in one of my Medical Intuitive classes or Map of Manifestation Classes, I would be able to explain all the ramifications of Prana being stored in the Solar Plexus.  At this time let’s just say that Prana storage is the main focus of preventative health care. Prana storage and distribution is the reason the digestive system and esteem/ego issues are stressed in any comprehensive holistic healing practice.

When you have an abunance of Prana you begin to radiate energy and life.  You become both magnetic and electric.  People and situations are attracted to you.  You also send Prana to others to elevate others because it is not meant to be kept to oneself.

Take into account that everything you do requires Prana.  Learning how to gather Prana consciously is one of the most important ways you can impact your life and others.

2 comments to Pranic Energy – Universal Life Force

  • Prana – or Qi an essential part in the concepts of reflexology as well. It helps the Qi to better circulate in the body by stimulating specific points..
    Having a look at this reflexology chart and massaging relevant points regularly definitely improves the Prana in your life too :-)

  • miritturley

    Yes that's true… did you know that reflexology came out of Ayurveda?

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