Five possibilities for not manifesting what you want

Medical Intuition and healing often looks at how disease forms in the body.  The origins of the word, disease, in Middle English is the sense or lack of ease; inconvenience. Frustration in manifesting what you want in your life can certainly bring about the sense of not feeling at ease.

Manifestation is often thought of as manifesting items in our world but we also manifest our bodies, health, relationships and all that we see.

Last week I received a question about manifestation which I am happy to answer here.

I was looking at your Map of Manifestation. When people get […]

How do Medical Intuitives Communicate with the body?

Chakras and auras that a Medical Intuitive can conceive

Medical intuitives, medical psychics, energy intuitives and their clients believe that your body communicates with them. More so, intuitives and mediums can hear, sense, see and dialogue with the body/mind/spirit complex. How can they do it? How does the body communicate with people who may not even know us?

This is a question that has been asked, studied and debated over and over throughout the years. It has become highlighted in this day and age because we all are seeking scientific proof for things that we cannot explain yet. The […]

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