5 things you should know about intuition overload

intuition overload

If you are a woman between the ages of 44 and 66 you have probably experienced or are experiencing intuition overload.  Intuition overload is a commonly occurring ailment for many people. Few people discuss it and most people ignore it.  Intuition overload can cause very real symptoms and exacerbate many chronic issues.  Intuition overload can be a result of  abuse, childhood roles, environmental conditioning or even the change of earth vibrations. Intuition overload is very real.

These are the 5 things you should know about intuition overload.

1. Chronic disease can create the condition of […]

Parasites, Vampires and Symbiotes – It’s not about Sci Fi

vampire kiss

Many of my clients have been compromised physically, mentally and emotionally by coming into contact with parasites, vampires and symbiotes.  The impact of the contact can be devastating.  We are all too familiar with the physical diseases they cause, Lyme’s, Viruses and various digestive diseases, to name a few, but also in the esoteric sense.  During a Medical Intuitive session, we work with the various lifestyle changes, nutrition, specific therapies, energy medicine  and finding the origination point which sets up the conditions for the vampiric, parasitic or symbiotic contact.

Let’s define each separately an then explore them from their symbolic […]

Pranic Energy – Universal Life Force

Photo/Illustration by Egoten

I was asked a question about Prana for my newsletter and realized it is a great subject and often not discussed unless you roam around people who do yoga.  Even then, yogis usually talk about it in terms of breath and techniques.  The newsletter has some detail of how to enhance the receiving of Prana in your life.

A healthy living person is filled with Prana, Qi or Universal Life force. Prana penetrates every aspect of life, it is in every physical system, from your digestive system to circulatory system, skeletal, muscular and nervous system. Prana goes to every part […]

Tune in to Truly Alive with Sheila Ulrich Blog Talk Radio

Photo by Aloshbennet

June 17th 1pm EST

“Heal and be whole in Body Mind and Spirit” A message for you from God! Alone and desperate to heal from stage 4 melanoma the grace of God poured through me with this message. I wanted to live for my three small children. I would do anything to receive the wisdom to live. This wisdom is a gift to be shared by all of us. Together we can heal no matter where we are in our life cycle. Listen to our experts as we lead you on a journey of healing ALL […]

Facing Cancer – A Medical Intuitive Perspective

Wendy was a woman who lived on her own in Queens, NY  She lived a very simple life.  She had a few close friends and a daughter who was distant.  Wendy’s job was not too stressful. She could go to work and come home and do her crafts and take care of her home.  Wendy lived a simple life.  When I first met Wendy, she never complained.  Wendy was satisfied with her life.  No major dramas in her life and she liked it that way.

When Wendy was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer or adenocarcinoma, she was told that […]

Is Speed Healing and Spontaneous Remission Possible?

Has anyone been to Cassadega, Florida?

Cassadega is a spiritualist camp in central Florida.  Last night I went to a healing service at the temple in Cassadega, where I witnessed a spontaneous healing.  A man who had been in a car accident and was completely skeptical received a healing.  He had walked in with a cane and it was obvious that he was in pain every time he moved.  The healer, who was conducting the service, layed his hands on this man.  Within 5 minutes the man was moving without pain.  He was able to touch his toes and walked […]

PC and the Thought Police – A Medical Intuitive Perspective

I was sitting in a coffee shop with friends, when Rachel says, “We’re broke.”

Immediately Sara says, “No don’t say that! One of the phrases my husband and I use is, ‘we always have enough’ or ‘we always have plenty’ and when funds are not available for something, we are becoming accustomed to saying, ‘funds are allocated elsewhere’. ‘Sometimes the elsewhere is still being manifested, and that is just fine….it’s on the way!’  We’ve been very happy with how we arrive on the other side of a situation that might have felt improbable in the past.  We are learning that […]

Meditation, health and healing – A Medical Intuitive Perspective

Why visualizations and affirmations don’t work!

I cannot stress how important meditation is for health and healing. I have worked with thousands of people in my career as a medical intuitive and healer. 9 out of 10 of those people don’t have a regular meditation practice. Yet they come to me not understanding why their visualizations and affirmations are not working. The first thing I do with every client and student is make a pact with them to meditate twice a day.

It is my opinion that if you don’t have a regular meditation practice when you are healthy you […]

Alternative Therapy: Inner Counselor Process

(reprint from Sacred Postures – Archetypes through Yoga printed August 2003)

The Inner Counselor Process was developed by Ann and Bob Nunley.  It is an excellent process that speaks to the heart of a particular issue.  Allowing you to find its origin to transform and transmute that issue.  The Inner Counselor Process provides an alternative to being in therapy for years and years.  Yet the Inner Counselor Process is a very gentle process.

The Inner Counselor Process is not only a psychological process but a spiritual process as well.  According to Abraham Maslow there are ten basic needs.  If one […]

Spiritual Laws and Flu Pandemics

Scanning this mornings headlines about the flu outbreak, I was struck by two different pieces of information, which have become the topic of two posts.

WHO (World Health Organization) upgraded the severity of the spread of the Swine flu spread to Phase Four is very interesting from an intuitive, spiritual aspect.

WHO (World Health Organization) upgraded the severity of the spread of the Swine flu spread to Phase Four.

The following is a gauge for the classifications:

Phase one: No animal viruses circulating are causing infections in humans.

Phase two: An animal flu virus is known to have caused human […]

Swine Flu – A Medical Intuitive Perspective

Over the past 3 days or so we have been hearing more and more about the Swine Flu that has killed 60 people in Mexico. This particular strain of swine flu has also been found in parts of California and the SouthWest. This time the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) is watching. They are watching for a possible pandemic. The CDC has written answered the most frequently asked questions about the flu here.  If you would rather see the statement on video Swine Flu on You Tube

I will not go into the conventional methods […]

Seven Essential Stages of Intuition

photo by Bitterjug

Your intuition is always at work… most times we are overloaded with intuitive awareness and information.  Information comes to you in all your chakras or energy centers not just the third eye as commonly believed.  Knowing how to identify the difference between the different stages of the intuition can be the difference between trusting your intuitive knowing and trusting your imagination.

The Seven Stages can be broken down into 3 levels of intuition.

The first level is Survival Intuition You are given this type of intuition to ensure your survival. Your whole being is wired to […]

Loving Yourself Part 3

The Third Commandment according to Louise Hay is Don’t Scare Yourself.  – Stop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts.  It’s a dreadful way to live.  Find a mental image that give you pleasure, and immediately switch your scary thought to a pleasure thought.

When I first read this, I said to myself, this is silly, I don’t scare myself!  How could I possibly do that.  Then I realized that scaring myself has nothing to do with frightening things I say to myself but all the demeaning things I say to myself when things don’t go exactly the way I want them […]

2nd Commandment for Loving Yourself

The second commandment is Forgive Yourself according to Louise Hay.  Let the past go.  You did the best you could at the time with the understanding, awareness, and knowledge that you had.  Now you are growing and changing, and you will live life differently.

From a Medical Intuitive and Healer perspective Forgiving yourself and others is crucial to healing.  Actually you cannot heal without it.  Louise Hay has is right when she says “Let the past go.”  Forgiveness is about releasing the past so you have more energy for the present.  Forgiveness does not mean that you allow others and […]

How to Love Yourself

I just came across some old writings by Louis Hay called 12 Commandments or How to Love Yourself which I thought I would share.  Louis Hay’s work is a great foundation for Medical Intuition.  It is sometimes a bit simplistic but always a great place to start.

The first commandment:

1. Stop All Criticism – Criticism never changes a thing.  Refuse to criticize yourself.  Accept yourself exactly as you are.  Everybody changes.  When you criticize yourself, your changes are negative.  When you approve of yourself, your changes are positive.

Let’s look at this with a discerning eye.  When you criticise, […]

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